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Want to Know your Competitors' P&L?

  • Wish you had intelligence about your competitors' financials?
  • Venture Intelligence "Competitive Intelligence" provides you a crisp summary of Financials of your top competitors (including that of Private Limited companies that is not disclosed elsewhere).
  • Pricing: Just Rs 5,000 for 3 companies; Rs 1,500 per additional company.
  • Custom requests

Just email the list of companies (that you would like the financials for) along with your contact details to

Contacts of Asian Investors

  • For Directories of Investors from China, Japan and S.E.Asia Active in India, email us at for samples and a price quote.
  • Customized Investor Directories

  • For Other Customized Directories - eg, for companies seeking Early Stage Investors in Specialized Sectors like Healthcare & Life Sciences, Consumer Brands, etc. - email your contact details and requirements to
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    Insert a short note (100 words or less) about your fundraising requirement in 5 issues of the Venture Intelligence Deal Digest daily e-newsletter (and one weekly edition). The Deal Digest reaches over 450 firms (3,000+ individual recipients) across Private Equity/Venture Capital Funds, Angel Investors, Investment Banks, etc. Let us know your funding requirement by email to with the following details:

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  • Pricing: INR 5,000+GST per insert.
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